Letter to myself

1st January 2014

Dear Adam from three-and-a-half-months-ago

Happy New Year. That was some party last night. I'm writing a quick note from the future to tell you what it's like and to help you get there. You're 29 now and heading towards 30 (gulp). But don't get too cut up about age - that doesn't matter in the long run, really. Things are better when you keep your eyes on the long play, like I do now.

I've discovered that patience with work that has abandoned you for a long time. I can see now that the long and windy road is the one worth taking and that the journey itself means more than the destination. I've finally learned to be patient and even relish these early years (nope, you haven't made it yet).

My advice: love being near the bottom of the climb. I'm happier now because I've stopped comparing myself to other people. They are on different paths. I finally saw at the end of 2013 that admiration from others (and it's tempting partners, fame and recognition) are false prophets - you were so lucky to avoid the world of showbiz and glamour and working "in the media".

I know you can't see it now but you have a vision, a way of seeing things that no-one else can see yet. You're not special, by the way, everyone does. Keep working out what that is. You haven't got much figured out yet…hell, I'm only three-and-a-half-months ahead of you. In fact, you probably won't get it together for many years yet, maybe not until you're 40 or something.

Until then, keep your head down and keep moving your feet forward. Stay hungry. Be patient.