I’m fascinated by storytelling: it’s the thing I’m really nerdy about. These are the best books I’ve found on the subject so far and I re-read each one every year or so.


Since quitting my day job in 2009 I have changed the way I think about life, work and my time on this earth. Here are some of the books which have profoundly affected my attitude to life. If you feel lost or are in a rut, then look no further.


Switching from a 9-5 graduate with a salary and a boss to a self-employed artist required a fundamental shift in how I work. These books help me be more creative and more productive. Maybe they'll help you too.


A self-taught publisher, I lie firmly in the camp that business should be about making something that matters for a loyal audience, and not harassing the masses. Here are the writers who taught me that.

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Since becoming a lecturer at the age of 24 I have found myself more and more interested in education: not how it is, but where it is going wrong. In a post-industrial era we need a new education system that prepares our children for the right world.


I don't read really nearly as much fiction as I'd like, so this sections's pretty scarce. Here are the few books which I have returned to over and over.


Can you recommend any good reads? Then please get in touch to let me know!